Financial support is needed to pay the many teachers and artists featured at this event at a fair rate, as well as to provide the tools and materials needed for hand-on and experiential workshops. Organizations that make donations will have a table during the eco-marketplace portion of the festival and the opportunity to offer information, products, and services to event attendees. See ticket page for information about donations.


accelerating appalachia

Accelerating Appalachia is the world’s first nature-based business accelerator, connecting innovative businesses, investors and mentors aligned with people, place and prosperity. We attract and scale high-impact, seed-stage businesses in the following sectors: food, craft beverage, forest products (natural building) and non-timber forest products (ginseng, mushrooms, fruit & nut trees), fiber/textiles, botanicals/wellness, outdoor industry, soil and water health innovations, and other innovative triple bottom-line businesses with special consideration for women and POC.



Groupmuse is a platform enabling communities to come together around great art; an online social network that connects young classical musicians to local audiences through concert house parties. Groupmuse brings us together to nourish and harmonize our inner lives and our social, “outer” lives. By deepening our interior worlds with timeless, contemplative music and enriching our social lives with inclusive, joyous community, Groupmuse seeks a greater wholeness in your neighborhood and around the world.



Mad Monks is a monastery-owned and operated coffee and bread shop, where we encourage slowing down, connecting with neighbors and experiencing out-of-this-world coffee made with love, so that our days in-the-world become more human. We seek to provide an oasis of peace and human flourishing that can rejuvenate all who pass through for the rest of their journey.

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Healing Arts supports the development of a healthier society, and teaches “Practices For An Evolving Life,” which refers to our unique individual role in making that happen. Healing Arts offers self-care and mental health counseling, emotional freedom techniques, creative expression exercises, and more through conversation and guidance. The Healing Arts Council of Shenandoah Valley (HARC) is the fiscal sponsor for this weekend.



Claymont is the hosting organization for this event.

The Claymont Society for Continuous Education is both a non-profit educational organization and a community. Our mission is to provide education and a place of learning for ourselves and others, with the aim of raising our own level of consciousness and contributing to the evolution of consciousness on the planet. To promote a way of life that is balanced, harmonious, and responsible toward nature.



The Shenandoah Permaculture Institute is a collection of competencies whose mission is to "inoculate communities with the tools and strategies for health and resiliency, from soil to self." The diverse and enthusiastic teaching team achieves this through teaching, writing, research, and design.



Bioneers is a community that celebrates breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet. Our acclaimed annual conference is a fertile hub of social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. For 30 years, Bioneers has gathered and cross-pollinated an intersectional network of networks. It’s bottom up and top down — all hands on deck to generate the biggest and fastest economic, industrial, political and cultural transformation in history. A celebration of the genius of nature and human ingenuity, Bioneers connects people with solutions and each other.