June 28-30, 2019

The Mid-Atlantic Permaculture Convergence is a two-day festival celebrating land-based living and self-reliance. Over 20 local teachers, experts, and gurus will teach crucial skills related to food, energy, water, health, building, and community self-reliance. Come one, come all; only we can build the world we deserve.  

This festival is here to cultivate inspiration and purpose, and to spread the knowledge and skills we need to understand the systems we rely on. Throughout the weekend, we will learn how to better meet our individual and community needs in ways aligned with nature and its processes. Let’s come together to shift a culture of disempowerment! There is a wealth of knowledge and experience all around us, and we can thrive off of the abundance and wisdom that this eco-region already provides.


Hosted at Claymont | Eastern Panhandle, WV

The Claymont Society for Continuous Education is both a non-profit educational organization and a community. Our mission is to provide education and a place of learning for ourselves and others, with the aim of raising our own level of consciousness and contributing to the evolution of consciousness on the planet. To promote a way of life that is balanced, harmonious, and responsible toward nature.

Continuous education implies that by increasing the depth of our awareness and understanding we can be more fully connected to our environment, each other, and our own deeper nature, as well as living fully satisfying and meaningful lives.


667 Huyett Road, Charles Town WV 25414